Saturday, December 29, 2012


Rifle rounds:
So had a discussion with the other men in the family the other day as we were buying the last of the bullets we could find.  Poppa mocked my choice as I did not get expanding ammo and instead went with M855 which is a really nasty round especially when fired from a 20" barrel which it was made for.  There is however method to my madness in getting that stuff that is for offline conversations.   
Frankly I do not shoot it and horde it along with with my M193 55 grain I was a dummy and shot up what a buddy loaded for me.  That stuff is like a laser and has nasty wound ballistics for FMJ.  Then there is the Russian ammo both of my rifles eat it up like candy my little rifle printed a 1.5" group off hand at 50 yards so the ammo is not a problem. 

I have a hodge podge of expanding ammo ranging from 55,62 grain hollow point, 64 Bitter Root Valley PSP, 64 grain Silver Bear SP which has downed deer, and my personal favorite 69 grain BRV hollow points which I only have about 15 left as they have accounted for four deer in two years (yes I missed once).  I also have a prized box of Black Hills 75grn Match Moly coated hollow points. 

So with pistol I carry Federal Hydro shock, have a box of Hornady Critical Defense, horde the Remington UMC 115 grn JHP which actually passes they FBI penetration and expansion tests and is a heck of a buy for the money.  When you can find it buy it I have.   

So for the money what is the best bang for the buck in your opinion.  

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