Wednesday, June 20, 2012

mixed news

Mixed news today going to get my FFL so that is awesome.. However the State Police sent my CCW back because of bad fingerprints which I got from my class.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thor Armory

I have been asked by the great folks at  to be part of the training team for a Woman's self-defense class.  In this I will be joined by Aaron Kimball who will be doing the un-armed combat portion of the class.  Aaron very frankly is a full on good guy that can be a bad man if need be.  My part of the endeavour will be the boring but vital side of situation awareness, mind set, and gear.  We will not be treating the ladies like delicate flowers and directing them to buy .25 auto pistols.  Nor are we going to try and turn them into martial arts experts or Marines in two class periods.  However if the worst were to happen we hope to give them a base of ideas and skills to get them introduced to the world of self defense.  The goal is to get the ladies to think and become more engaged in their own defense and to follow up what they have learned both on the range and the gym.

We are looking for a mid-July start to these classes more details to follow.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

And I am Spent

The AR15A3RK is done folks unless I decide to put an offset right on it the rifle is completed.  This week I added a VTAC two point sling, a MagPul MOE pistol grip, and an extended latch charging handle.  I am good to go, she is shooting less than an MOA. 

Not a bad looking or shooting set up if I do say so myself.  I have never used anything but a stock issue A2 pistol grip on an AR there is a reason the MagPul is so popular it really feels good in the hand.  The VTAC sling, where have you been all of my life? This has to be the most comfortable sling I have ever used.  I have it adjusted to when I have it all the way locked down it helps create a really solid firing position whch is what it is supposed to do.  The extended latch admittedly is not a BCM/VLTOR model as I just changed out the latch.  It is there just to allow easier access to the charging handle with the scope mounted.  Speaking of I do not have the eye relief set up where my nose touches the charging handle like come current coaches teach.  None of my marksmanship instructors taught that.  In saying that I crawled the stock so much the rear sight gave me a knot over my eye which could be the reason I jerked that last shot like a chump and went from expert to sharpshooter. 

Thanks to everyone who might have paid attention while I was building this thing over from the I wish I could to now.  I feel confident that I can kill deer,hogs, or whatever out to my effective engagement range.  I would start on zombies from a little closer to make sure of the head shots.  I am no Sniper and will never claim that I nor would I pretend to be so please do not take that away from these posts