Thursday, November 29, 2012

All Day Carry

So now that we have established our needs for every day carry (EDC):
Survivor's Mindset
Cell Phone
Firearm / Reload
Less than Lethal
Wallet: ID, CCW permit (always try to have $20)

The question is do you carry all the time even at home?  It is hard to get me to part with my weapon even at home especially after I heard about the two home invasions in my neck of the woods where one person was stabbed. While I am not a gun slinging gun fighter I do want to have a fighting chance if someone comes blowing threw the door.  Having to try to make it to the bedroom for a piece would not be good.  I have a friend who has his J frame 24/7, yet another one that does not carry at home due to small kids, and 2 others do not but keep their piece close.

So thoughts?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FBI Crime Stat Numbers

According to the latest FBI crime statistics report one is more likely to be beaten to death than killed with a long gun ie. Rifle or Shotgun.

Since 2007 there has been a 16.2% decline in murders committed with personal weapons which are defined as “hands, fists, feet etc.” The number of murders of this type in 2011 totaled 728.
While gun ownership has dramatically increased since 2007, murders for both the shotgun and rifle categories have seen declines faster than the rate of personal weapons related crime.
The rates of decline for the shotgun and rifle categories are 22.1% and 28.7% respectively. In 2011 there were 356 shotgun murders and 323 rifle murders for a total of 679 murders.

Read more:

Overall murders by firearms of all types have been decreasing since 2007.  This is something to keep in mind when you are talking to that friend who thinks firearms need further control.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Carry Method

When I bought my Glock I also purchased one of the holsters after reading the reviews which are very positive I did not think I could go wrong for $14.00.  So carried it with this holster until I got my Serpa which I like contrary to what people say it won holster of the year for 2012 and is used by everybody.  Anyway I always look for better ways to carry concealed and was flipping through Massad Ayoob's new book "Gun Digest of Concealed Carry."  He showed an inside the belt carry which snugs the pistol up closer than an outside the waistband  while it is not inside the waist band (which I hate).
So I pulled the Glock holster back out and it turns out that the holster fits exactly between my belt loops on both my BDUs and Tac Pants.
This is just with a t-shirt covering.

I wore this with a 19 round magazine last night and you could barely tell I had the weapon my wife does the final check before I leave home and she asked if I was even carrying when I put the 15 round magazine back in.

Local Reader

If any of you are in the NW Arkansas area I am more than happy to help you with firearms ordering or transfers for $25.  Just hit me on the blog and I will contact you for details.

Troy Battle Mags

I have so much wanted to like these magazines but I have done two tests on them with two different rifles and I they just do not work.  The first test was conducted with one magazine and I thought it might have been an issue with just the one.  So I contacted Troy and they called me back within an hour and their customer service was fantastic.  They sent me six more magazines, a hat, and sticker set.  I set off with Joey to see if we would have better luck.
Here are the problems:
1. They do not like to be inserted or loaded on a closed bolt.
2. Out of seven magazines I have gotten one full magazine without a malfunction.  While I am big on practicing immediate action drills not after every three shots.
I have contacted Troy again but have not heard back from them.
Troy has great stuff and I am going to give them one more shot from my new rifle.  If I still have issues with them they are going to go back to Troy.

300 AAC Black Out

Haley strategic has done a bunch of testing with the 300AAC this year.

I am wanting 300 AAC as my bolt action rifle and now with the knowledge it still has better power out to 500+ yards that is very encouraging (not that I will be taking that many shots that far out).  Still waiting on Remington to get the 700 going full bore on production with this thing.  I am saddened that Savage dropped their Model 10/110 in 300. What would be very interesting is if Mossberg would convert their ATR to 300 BO that would be a seemingly easy conversion and since it can already use AR mags it would be a natural choice.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Evolution of an AR

I recently bought a 16" barreled Sig M400E these are a very good base carbines built to what would be military specifications. I fought buying a carbine for a long time because of the muzzle velocity lost with the shorter barrel which I have carped on many times. However the 16" is a good medium ground to keep muzzle velocity high out to average engagement ranges (I am not in Afghanistan)and handiness. Not to mention with the 1/7 twist barrel I can shoot anything from 55-75 grain expanding bullets. Anyway the Sig M400 I purchased is the MOE version which has the CTR stock, carbine length fore end, and a based MIAD pistol grip.

While this is very nice it just would not do and I immediately ordered some small things that I thought would add to the utility of the weapon.
1. VTAC two point sling-This will be the only sling I ever use on another long arm. I have one on Oly and love them Viking Tactics (Kyle Lamb) knocked it out of the park with this piece kit
2. CAA front sight rail
3. Magpul short and long rail sections
4. Magpul MOE trigger guard
5. ProMag Picatinny sling mount
6. Vortex SPARC red dot  I love Vortex optics (yes I know where some are made) but I have had great luck with them and their customer service is fantastic,.
7. YHM Phantom 28-5C Flash-Hider/Compensator
8. Mission First Tactical stubby vertical grip
9. Light (I went cheap  here for the time being using a tail switch Maglite and a 1" scope ring works great.
10. PMAG coupler
11. BCM Gunfighter medium latch(does not poke me in the ribs like the large latch like I have on my Oly arms)
12 Future upgrade will be a better light system and someday I might free float the barrel. I am looking at MI's and YHM modular free float tubes.

I am back

Took a hiatus to write for another website and will still be writing for them but have come back to my site.