Saturday, December 29, 2012

Buying Frenzy

Sorry for the Christmas break but it has been crazy.

FFL holders have been busy the last few weeks as many of you I am sure know there are no AR15s, AKs no high capacity magazines, and no freaking ammo.  At one point the the NICS system was shutdown and firearms dealers had to turn people away.  The FBI actually had to bring people in from other duties to get the backlog taken care of however there is a storm brewing on the horizon.

The gun world and firearms owners are about to be in for a siege like we have never seen.  Also we are taking a gouging from the firearms industry and some large chains such as Cheaper than Dirt who abandoned  firearms sales and had the nerve to charge $50 for a PMAG.  Dick's Sporting goods being dicks and boning Troy and pulling their great new rifle (which I am kicking myself for not driving 80 miles to getting one).  However I am more than happy with my new one.  Wal Mart has also pulled modern sporting rifles and my local gunshops are selling them as fast as they get in, Academy has also contemplated pulling modern sporting rifles as well.  I saw yesterday American Eagle .223 for $17 a box and people paying it.  I actually witnessed this three times women coming into the store I was at and say "what is an AR15 and I need one."  

So while gun owners are fighting for their right to even own a modern sporting rifle the retail portion of the industry is boning us as well.  As they say however make hay when you can.  I do have to give some props as some people are not taking advantage of the situation. Mako still has magazines available and at normal price.  Buy smart there are still deals out there you just have to watch for them.

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