Thursday, November 29, 2012

All Day Carry

So now that we have established our needs for every day carry (EDC):
Survivor's Mindset
Cell Phone
Firearm / Reload
Less than Lethal
Wallet: ID, CCW permit (always try to have $20)

The question is do you carry all the time even at home?  It is hard to get me to part with my weapon even at home especially after I heard about the two home invasions in my neck of the woods where one person was stabbed. While I am not a gun slinging gun fighter I do want to have a fighting chance if someone comes blowing threw the door.  Having to try to make it to the bedroom for a piece would not be good.  I have a friend who has his J frame 24/7, yet another one that does not carry at home due to small kids, and 2 others do not but keep their piece close.

So thoughts?

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