Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Carry Method

When I bought my Glock I also purchased one of the holsters after reading the reviews which are very positive I did not think I could go wrong for $14.00.  So carried it with this holster until I got my Serpa which I like contrary to what people say it won holster of the year for 2012 and is used by everybody.  Anyway I always look for better ways to carry concealed and was flipping through Massad Ayoob's new book "Gun Digest of Concealed Carry."  He showed an inside the belt carry which snugs the pistol up closer than an outside the waistband  while it is not inside the waist band (which I hate).
So I pulled the Glock holster back out and it turns out that the holster fits exactly between my belt loops on both my BDUs and Tac Pants.
This is just with a t-shirt covering.

I wore this with a 19 round magazine last night and you could barely tell I had the weapon my wife does the final check before I leave home and she asked if I was even carrying when I put the 15 round magazine back in.

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